Lovina and North Bali Travel Guide

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Tours and Attractions in and around Lovina Bali

Dolphin Watching
At 6 o'clock in the morning you can take a local boat to see the doplhins in front of Lovina. Trips can be booked with your hotel or one of the many boatmen. Wise to book ahead rather than getting up before a 6am in the hope of finding a boat with space. Some boatmen will be touting for business late afternoon or the night before.

Sightseeing Tours aound Lovina Bali

Sightseeing trips are easy to organise either with drivers on the street or through your hotel. Rates are around 600,000 rp (approx $45) for a full day and 300,000 rp for a 3-4 hour tour depending on where you go. On a day tour it is worthwhile to ask your driver to suggest a local Warung for lunch rather than a tourist restaurant, (s)he will feel more comfortable eating there and you will have chance to sample real Balinese food.

Singaraja is the former captial of Bali. It's a city with hosptals, pharmacies, various banks, and many markets where you can be impressed with colors and smells of Balinese food. Singaraja is home of the Gedong Kirtya library, maintaining the famous Lontar manuscripts and much Balinese literature. The harbour of Singaraja shows signs of Dutch colonialism with its old storage houses.
You will not want to miss the Chinese Temple. It one of the few Chinese temples on Bali. The temple was built in 1873 and renovated several times, the last time in 2004. Admission is free, but of course a donation will be appreciated

Git Git
A 40 meter high waterfall. A path of about 1 km filled with souvenir warungs and shops where you can buy cheap clothes takes you to one the most breathtaking waterfalls in Bali. Sit down there and relax with the sound of the water, falling in the bouldered river. You might stop here on your way to or from Lovina, from the South or on the Lovina Tour.

Buddhist Monastery
In the hills of Banjar is the Buddhist monastery. It is in a fabulous location, is very peaceful, and the decoration is beautiful. Go there just to see it or meditate a while and return refreshed. This can easily be combined with Banjar Hot Springs on a half day tour, or visit as part of the full Lovina Tour.

Hot Springs
In Banjar you can visit the famous Hot Springs with sulphurous water and large water sprouts. Great time to go go is before breakfast you'll miss the crowds and the hassle of the local (tourist) market and take your breakfast on your return to Lovina fully refreshed. Alternatively make a day of it and do the Full Lovina Tour.

Botanical Gardens
Large garden complex with many statues and flora. Very peaceful place, and very cool and shady. Makes an excellent stop on the Lovina Tour.

Munduk is incredibly picturesque with rolling hills and valleys covered with rice terraces. You can do "jungle" trekking there, or visit a Warung or coffee shop and sample the local grown coffee.

Lakes Tamblingan and Buyan
Great views of volcanic lakes, with plantations of flowers. You can even buy strawberries there.

Lovina Tour
This is a full day trip and you can include visit to Git Git on the way up to visit to Pura Ulun Danu at Bedugul, visit the market and travel to the Botanical Gardens. After a walk around the gardens return via the wonderful scenery of Lakes Tamblingan and Buyan and Munduk and maybe sample local grown coffee. Finish off by visiting the Buddhist Monastry and Hot Spring. Or go the other way around! You'll have a difficult job to do all that in a day and enjoy it, so select from the list and tell your driver how much or how little you want to do and he/she will be pleased to accommodate you.

Bali Temples
Bali has many many temples, each with their own meaning. East of Lovina you can find Beji Temple in Sangsit is dedicated to the Rice Goddess, Jagaraja temple remembers battles with the Dutch. To the west of Lovina is Pulaki Temple, is crowded with monkeys who are considered descendants of Dewa (God). Ulun danu Temple is located near Bedugul.

Air Sanih
A winding road leads you to Air Sanih, a natural fresh water pool, just a few kilometers from Singaraja.

National Park
In the West National Park where you can trek trough one of the most natural places in Bali. It is rich in flora and fauna to be seen, especially the endangered Bali Starling. Guides are available.

Lovina Nightlife
In Lovina there are cosy bars where you can enjoy a cocktail or a Bintang beer and life music. Most famous bars are ZigiZ, Poco Bar and Planet Lovina.

At Lovina beach you can do Para sailing, waterskiing and kneeboarding.

Just Drive and see If you rent a motorbike or car its really worth to just drive around the villages and try some of the back roads. You will be surprised what you can see there. You'll probably run into a marriage, ceremony or cremation somewhere, where people will invite you to join, if you are daring enough to step towards them. Try one of the warungs in the villages and eat and drink what the Balinese daily eat.


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