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Balinese Cooking Classes

Taking a cooking class is a fun way to enjoy Bali, experience the culture and people and prepare and eat some wonderful food. Most follow a similar formula. First a trip to the market to buy ingredients, (where you will learn how difficult it is to shop without a good grasp of Indonesian!) and experience local colour. Then cooking for the morning or maybe the rest of the day. Followed by the feast that you have prepared. I cannot recommend this too highly for everyone who loves good food or just wants to experience the culture and people first hand.

Adjani Balinese Cooking Class (☎ +62 812 36232019 Emai l: Adjani_bali@hotmail.com, Contact person: wayan ariawan)
Balinese cooking for all skill levels. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian, your choice. You can put your own course together if you contact in advance. In 2 - 3 hours you will learn to cook five different dishes. If you like to cook, or you like Balinese food and want to be able to cook it on your return home, you will love this.

Cooking With Dewi (☎ +62 362 41388)
Enjoy the wonders of Balinese cuisine with a cooking class with Dewi at Rambutan Cottages. An early morning trip to Singaraja markets with Dewi to buy your ingredients. Then after breakfast enjoy your cooking class with Dewi and then savour your dishes for lunch.

Warung Bumbu Pemaron (☎ +62 362 27080) Starts with 8am market trip, followed by class at 9.30am. Lunch can be eaten and students receive a recipe and certificate.

Putu's Home Cooking (Mobile: +62 81 338 563 705 Email: putuscooking@hotmail.com)
Putu's Home Cooking will provide you a taste of Bali, prepared in Putu's family home, using traditional Balinese ingredients such as Lime leaves, Coriander, Lemon Basil, Salam Leaf, Kaffir Lime, Ginger, Cumin, Galangal, Garlic, Candlenut and countless other offerings from the Lovina local market, garden and the sea.

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