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Diving and Snorkelling in Lovina - Bali

There are a number of dive operators in Lovina that operate daily dive and snorkeling trips to Menjangan Island, Tulamben and Amed, as well as dives from the local beaches. Some hotels and counters sell unlicensed diving trips that may look official on paper. Do not pay before you have seen the dive centre, and check that you will dive with certified divemasters/instructors.

Bali Spice Dive (☎ +62 362 41305 Email: spicedive@balispicedive.com)

PADI centre based in Lovina offering day trips to all of the dive spots on the northern coast of Bali. This is one of the oldest in the area offering every kind of dive from introductory to advanced. Guides are available in a variety of languages and multi-day discounts are available. Long-established and the largest dive operator in the area. Has a handy booking office in Jl Bina Ria, Kalibukuk, and the main centre is on the beach at Kaliasem close to the Aditya Beach Resort.

Malibu Dive Centre (☎ +62 (0)362 41225 E-mail: malibudivelovina@yahoo.com)

Another of the long established PADI dive operators in Kalibukbuk. Offers a wide range of diving experiences fo all levels. Daily trips to Menjangan, Tulamben and Amed/Cemeluk and safe dives on the shallow Lovina reef. Booking is at Jalan Raya Singaraja-Seririt in the centre of Kalibukbuk.

Lovina Dive Bali - Bali Diving with Bali International Diving Professionals (☎ +62 812 3842415 Email: info@lovinadive.com)
Bali Diving in Lovina - Bali PADI Dive Center serves Scuba Diving with Equipment, Snorkel, Online Education/Learn to Dive, Padi Courses Certificates in Northern Bali. Located in north Bali. Jalan Banyualit, Kalibukuk (just east of Kalibukuk)

ORCA Dive Club Lovina (☎ +62 812 36 86 14 69 Email: info@orca-diveclub-lovina.com)

The ORCA Dive club is located in the Hotel Puri Bagus Lovina and is the first SSI Divecenter in Lovina. The ORCA Team speak and teach in several languages, German, French, English, and Indonesian, you will love to dive in our small groups max 4 Guests per guide or Instructor, most of the time private or half private without surcharge.

The ORCA Center is under European Management, is fully liscensed and is the first SSI Dive center in Lovina. They offer dive courses in both SSI and PADI, Diving in Lovina, Tulamben and Menjangan Nationalpark and Snorkeling in Lovina and Menjangan.

Guests mentioning that they come from "lovina.net" will get 10% discount on their dive, course or snorkeling excursion (can't be combined with other discounts).

Sunrise Dive Centre (☎ +62 362 411820)
Jl Bina Ria, Kalibukuk,

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